J.T. is originally from South Florida and he recently married his best friend, Christy Martin in october of 2008.  Lucky for him, she is a huge football & Baseball fan. If he's not talking sports, you'll probably catch him at a stadium near you with his wife.  Being from South Florida, he is  a die hard Dolphins & Canes fan.  With no baseball team at the time  J.T. became a New York Mets fan, but don't mistake him for a New Yorker.   He's 100% Greek and proud of it. He started out Sounding OFF On-Air at Florida Atlantic University when he created NFL Sound OFF in 2005. He's now hosting The Sports Sound OFF Show heard LIVE on ESPN 730 in Charlotte, NC.  He's all in when it comes to his    teams of choice, But you can always bet JT will have an opinion on everything going on in the world of sports.                                                     
Kuveikis was born in New York, but spent his teen years growing up in Central Florida. Being from New York he is a die hard Yankee, Jets and Rangers Fan. However Kuveikis can't stand the Knicks, so he had to find himself a real basketball franchise. Growing up in Central Florida the Orlando Magic were the team to root for. As great as it is to be a Magic fan now, it has not always been so easy. With the draft pick of Howard, Kuveikis is able to say goodbye to the painful years of Doc Rivers coaching and Tracy Mcgrady's back problems. Now that the venting is over, Kuveikis also enjoys all sports and loves to break down everything happening in the world of sports.